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Free Inspection

When you request a free inspection, you can expect our qualified staff to:

  • Visit your cooling tower and conduct a thorough 50-point inspection
  • Provide you with written reports that demonstrate the current conditions of the tower
  • Develop a worry-free plan to get your cooling tower into great operating condition in 5 years or less

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Cooling Tower Repair

Whether you’ve been pushing off some minor repairs for a while or you need an urgent repair handled as quickly as possible, we’ve got you covered. At Taylor Towers, we’re qualified and prepared to handle any repair your cooling tower might need.
Some of our common repairs include:

  • Motor replacement
  • Gearbox replacement
  • Cold water basin liners replacement
  • Hot water basin replacement
  • Fill media replacement

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Regular Services & Preventative Maintenance

A cooling tower that is well-maintained can last you years—if not decades—longer than a poorly-maintained tower. Schedule a single service or regular servicing with Taylor Towers to make your cooling tower maintenance effortless.
Some of our regular services include:

  • Annual and quarterly cleaningst
  • Quarterly tuneups: driveshaft alignment, belt tensioning and belt alignment, oil changes, sandblade adjustments, and more

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Cooling Tower Upgrade

If your cooling tower no longer meets your growing demands, then it might be time for some upgrades. Performance upgrades done by Taylor Towers can increase the capacity of your cooling tower so that it catches up with your changing needs.
Some of our common upgrades include:

  • Motor/ gearbox replacement to add cooling capacity by increasing HP
  • Fill Media replacement

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Cooling Tower Replacement

Regardless of how well-maintained a cooling tower is, all towers reach an age or condition when they need to be replaced. While replacing your tower might seem intimidating, the benefits of a new tower include lower energy consumption, easier maintenance, improved performance, and less noise.
It may seem like a big project, but Taylor Towers ensures the replacement process is seamless. A complete tower replacement includes 10 key services done in a way that doesn’t affect your day-to-day business.

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